Ampoules and Vials

With modern fully and semi-automated manufacturing facilities we fill glass ampoules, vials with different volumes according to customer specifications

We offer you

  • Production of reagents (e.g. calibration standards) and filling in clear glass or amber glass One-Point-Cut (OPC) ampoules or vials (injection vials, rimmed vials, screw thread vials) of different sizes
  • Filling of small series with very low volumes
  • Packaging (labeling, packing) of individual packages or kits
  • Customized manufacturing of kits with individual requirements
  • Printing of labels and instructions for use with your company logo and address
  • Integrated quality control of all reagents and labels
  • Certificate of Analysis and Quality (CoA)
  • Safety data sheet with your customer contact details and logo in many country and language versions and SDS-ID
  • Packaging for shipping, shipping service

The following pictures are product examples only.