Environment & Energy

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a special concern of ours. We act and decide in the awareness of our responsibility for our environment and operate an environmental management system based on DIN EN ISO 14001.


We use 100 % of electricity from renewable energy sources (such as hydroelectric, wind and/or solar energy) in all departments: administration, production, warehouse. etc. We avoid unnecessary energy consumption as far as possible through appropriate technologies.

Since 2020, a company-owned photovoltaic system has been covering almost our entire energy needs.


We use water resources carefully and avoid unnecessary water consumption.

Animal Testing

Our products are developed, made and tested without any animal experiments.

Forest Protection

To conserve our natural resources we keep our paper emissions as low as possible. Therefore, our products contain no information in a variety of languages, but they are available on our website for free download.

Company Ecology

In addition to recycling and waste minimization, we attach great importance to the ecological care of our company areal. Appropriate planting and a forest and pond area provides habitat for many animals, especially lizards, snakes, amphibians (frogs and salamanders), fish, birds and small mammals (e.g. hedgehogs and dormice).