pH Buffer Solutions

This listing contains buffer solutions for calibrating the pH measurement chain. For any given buffer solution the label shows a temperature table. Tables are also separately available for download. The buffer solutions are classified into groups:

  • nominal 20 °C calibration
  • nominal 25 °C calibration
  • for referencing applications:
    Use as calibration standards for precision measurements as a reference for other buffer solutions (for comparative measurements). These buffer solutions are not defined by DIN for use in the routine calibration for pH meters and have a lower buffer capacity (and are therefore more susceptible to interference).
  • for low temperature applications:
    Buffer solutions and electrolytes for pH measurements at very low temperatures of lower than -10 °C, e. g. in the production of pharmaceutical products.
  • for sterile applications:
    Sterilized buffer solutions and electrolytes are available on request.

Electrolytes for the reference electrode or combination electrodes, see Electrolytes.
Cleaning and regeneration solutions, see Electrode Care.

If you can not find the desired product in this list or any other categories, please inquire.