Osmolality Calibration Standard 500 mosm/kg H2O

  • CE CE conformity
  • COA Certificate of Analysis available
  • CAL Calibrator (Standard)
  • IVD for in vitro diagnostic use

Standard for calibration, checking and quality control of osmometers.

Suitable for all osmometers. Osmolality Calibration Standards [mosm/kg H2O] = [mosmol/kg H2O]

Other values are available on request.

REF (Ord.-No.) Content Price Specification Manufacturer
040105-0001/10 10× 1 mL Glass ampoule Bioanalytic


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Abbreviation Description
bioCube PE-Inliner in Carton
bioCube+ PE-Inliner in Carton, spigot included.
Glass Glass vial/bottle
Glass ampoule
Glass, flanged cap Glass vial/bottle with flanged cap
Brown glass Brown glass vial/bottle
Brown glass with pipette dropper Brown glass vial/bottle with pipette dropper
Clear glass Clear glass vial/bottle
Metal Metal can/bottle/box
PE Polyethylene Bottle up to 2.5 L resp. Canister from 5.0 L
PE bag Polyethylene bag
PE dosage bottle Polyethylene bottle with dosage unit
PE dropper bottle Polyethylene Dropper bottle
PE pump sprayer Polyethylene bottle with pump sprayer
PET bottle Transparent bottle made of polyethylene terephthalate
PP Polypropylene
PS Polystyrene / Styropor
Sachet Foilbag (Compound foil)
Discontinued product
Special package On request
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