Redox-Potential = ORP (Oxidation-Reduction-Potential).

Products for calibrating and measuring redox potentials. Electrolytes for redox electrodes see Electrolytes.

Redox solutions are sensitive to O2 and CO2 exposure. For this reason, redox solutions in pre-portioned foil bags / sachets are recommended for highly accurate measurements. Tear open or cut off the top of the foil bag and use them as a beaker (immerse the electrode into the foil bag).


The correct redox potential (mV) for your application generally depends on the system of the reference electrode and the used electrolyte solution. The specific redox potentials for all electrode types is listed below as well as on the labels. Refer to your electrode manual for the used electrolyte concentration. The electrode type can be determined from the electrolyte solution. If you are unsure, please contact our support .

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